Our lab Sunday is the most well-mannered dog I know. Thanks to Landmark Retrievers, Sunday is not only a great bird dog, but more importantly, best friend to our two little girls. We could not have asked for a better experience!

Justin Leonard

Elsa, the Italian Spinone went to Landmark Retrievers approximately at 9 months old. From her training, she became very obedient, knowing all the commands and responding well even to our younger children.

Max, the Wheaten Terrier also went to Landmark Retrievers at the same age. He quickly became a very well trained dog, obeying every command and really wanting to please us. He also learned to retrieve from the water which became his passion.
We are happy with the results with both our dogs.

Dr. Timothy Potts and Mrs. Timothy Potts
Director of the Kimbell Art Museum

As an avid hunter, hunt test participant, and amateur dog trainer, I have sought Roger’s counsel for many years. I have worked with a wide variety of professional trainers and I can say without reservation, Roger is the best at what he does. I have gone weeks trying to fix a certain problem with my dog’s behavior getting advice from a variety of professional trainers only to visit Roger and have the problem not only diagnosed, but virtually fixed inside of one hour.

Roger is a consummate professional and maintains immaculate facilities. He has an uncanny ability to “read and understand the dog.” His experience and insight into dog behavior creates a very efficient and effective training process that ensures maximum benefits for the dog and their owner.

I highly recommend Roger and Landmark Retrievers to anyone!

Matt McFarland

Roger has identified and trained both my retrievers and they both are outstanding successes, in and out of the field. I’ve known Roger and worked with him for over 10 years. In addition to being a first class trainer, he is also a nice guy who really cares about what he does. I have had no hesitations introducing my friends to him.

Peter Sterling

I have had two “tune ups” for my black lab Bullet. In both instances he came back in the best form and attitude I have seen. I have also had a puppy trained by Roger; one he said was one of the most difficult dogs he had ever trained. Sadie is now an outstanding field dog thanks to Roger.

William S. “Monty” Montgomery
Founder; Bismuth Cartridge Co.

Our male yellow Labrador Cade spent 8 weeks at Landmark beginning when he was 7 months old. Each time I visited during his stay I was amazed by Roger’s insight into his mind - he knew what my dog was thinking!

More impressive than this are the results - excellent obedience and a great hunter even at 11 months. He retrieved about 8 ducks early in the season and then during our Christmas vacation to Wisconsin, found 50 pheasants and retrieved 40 of them - the others I screwed up on and flew off unharmed. I have no reservation in recommending Landmark and will bring my next dog here too.

Dan Garton
American Airlines, Executive Vice President of Marketing

Whether your interest is basic obedience, hunting or ultimate field trial competition, Roger Conant’s initial video series “Training Through The Eyes of the Retriever” is a must buy. I know from personal experience that Roger is truly gifted. His outdoor classroom is as fun as it is professional, his philosophy and technique is amazingly effective. In this series Conant is at his best, offering a serious learning experience for owners at all levels as well as their best friends!

Ward L Huey, Jr.
Retired Media Executive

Roger worked wonders with our Chocolate Lab Cadbury! Landmark Retrievers will always be my trainer of choice!

David McDavid, Jr.

Roger Conant and his organization, Landmark Retrievers, LLC provides wonderful training for retrievers, no matter what their intended purpose may be. Roger’s group covers the spectrum in training, no matter whether the dog will be a family pet or a serious water fowl hunting companion. I appreciate the philosophy and methodology that Roger utilizes to reach the dog’s desire and encourage that need to please. The results are great!

Russell R. Thomas
Mayor, City of Ennis, TX